Friday, November 12, 2010

more fish than words

mid kids' november break from school and you know i'm not getting any writing done. entertaining kids with whale visiting, playdates, paper route payday spending, and swimming - yes, stepping over house mess - yes, arranging house repairs - yes, watching tv with d - yes, crafting with my usually office bound cousin on her stat holiday - yes. writing - not so much.

but tommorow is another day. still unlikely, but there are those notes in my purse from the other day's parking lot and reader ett did in fact like the way the short story collection was shaping up so a week from now i won't be giving this messy little blur of a weekend any thought.

note to anyone not familiar with the vancouver aquarium and another to those who take it for granted -- you have to take the kids: let them visit the beautiful rehabilitated animals, buy an overpriced toy in the name of future research, and enjoy an amazing 4D movie about planet earth. it's a day well spent.

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