Monday, November 15, 2010

busy days require 30 second crafts

spotted this little owl family in the thrift store's clearance section today. a bit too shiny, but definitely a current motif so i grabbed it for the same price as a hit on the gumball machine. thought about painting and then distressing, but as i was dry-bushing white on, i realized it was like feathers and 30 second craft fast. hung it up and photographed it in its new laundry room home before it dried too because i like insta-decorating.
one of those rare days when the house is in order before the story is. might write in the commercials tonight because i have 9by design and the duggars recorded (don't tell d that i am obsessed with shows about humungous families ;)


  1. love the owls Michelle!

  2. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I love it!!! Such a cute and thrifty craft.

  3. wow is all I can say... I would have thought.. cute but very tacky never imaginging that.

  4. cute
    but I need a 3 sec craft!

  5. super cute. And the 30 sec from paint to photo... fantastic!


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