Tuesday, November 30, 2010

bliss and the darker stuff underneath

the Christmas tree appendages we have been stepping over for days are assembled and the gingerbread cookie mix is waiting to be broken into after school. (notice how i'm all for tradition and vibe over complicated steps to get there. it's less impressive, but infinitely more enjoyable.)

i'm in a sentimental state of mind. humming with the Christmas tunes (listen online hookup), eating things seasonal , and grinning goofily at my family on our Christmas cards (they are so much more compliant on paper i tell you ;)

i must be getting it all out of my system in real life, because the fiction keeps coming out ridiculously cynical. more to page scheduled for today. along with new posts on the other blogs EWC & holy J
the roots to the darker side have been there all along. check out the artwork in our library my 17 year old self gave d back in the day. i think it was entitled "my heart" poor guy. i don't know why i didn't realize this could be a terrifying gift to receive ;)

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  1. i love your holiday cards...and that picture...well...it just has teenager written all over it. oh the drama of that time:)


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