Sunday, October 10, 2010

this is why we can't make our beds

the cat
he thinks they're all his
i thought it was about him lounging around on top of them when i am going around and doing bed making duty (ok, as if i do that, but if i did, it would prevent it ;)
but when i got up this morning, i realized that he is also all about tucking himself in the end of the bed too.
good thing d is sleeping in here and doesn't realize i am documenting our messy beds.

it's only because i am thankful for them
and all the family goodness that thanksgiving weekend is
and the sort of sunday breakfasts (milk and cookies, anyone?) that get kids roused for church with minimal fuss.

real life. it's the best.
lots of reading and note taking going on. writing to commence in 60 hours
speaking of counting blessings, read this touching post from haiti and add more of the world to your prayers tonight.

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  1. lovely, warm, cuddly post.
    happy Thanksgiving friend.


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