Thursday, October 21, 2010

surprisingly, more golf. not surprisingly, more pink

this afternoon i sat on one of those little grade one chairs in my new pink hurt my friend heather's feet so i inherited them shoes and stapled papers and mac tac-ed books as parent helper and tried not to shout out "i love my kids' school!" as little c's teacher taught the kids more reading and writing tricks while including everybody and making them all feel so smart and on top of things. and they were.

along with my not shouting restraint, i did not ask her what she orders at starbucks even though i want to know because i suspect it might be triple shot worthy (in asking, i run the risk of finding out she drinks zen green tea & is naturally that bubbly and energetic so really not wanting to know ;)

last night those girls i recently golfed with and i hit the driving range to pretend we are dedicated to improving our game. it's ok that wine and appys after took twice the time of the actual ball hitting, right? ;) we are thinking of calling this our fall league to make it official. going out to golf in winter might be a bit obvious, but i'm sure we will think of something. indoor play, perhaps? anyone have a source?

sometimes the day job and the PTAesque lady gig digs into my writing energy. tonight is one of those times. not above bribing myself with some scrapbooking and a overly bubbled late night bubble bath. so that's what i'm going to do. hopefully the stories don't turn out too girlie as that would be a bit ackward for office guy as i wrap up his.


  1. isn't indoor golf mini-golf? lol

  2. ha ha! i mean one of those places with the artifical drive computer things where you can improve your swing etc.


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