Friday, October 29, 2010

pause and breathe

it's been a bit crazy here so you know i've been crafting to cope with being pulled in a million directions (my theory is that crafting focuses all of my brain in one place at one time which doesn't happen naturally ;) i'm midresult and it's working (think glam version of the reinvented skirt) but i'm going to wait until after i wear it to post the details and its festive so it could be a month or two.
weekend is bringing some girlfriend crafting time, an art show with my dad and grandma, coffee with my mom and sisters, a play my middleschooler's in, and a chill night with d. i think i'm going to like it.

more story notes happening today and i'm craving a new read so you know i might pick one up when i get some eggnog that the stores are likely stocking already.

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  1. Melissa Appleton2:57 PM

    If you haven't read the gargoyle get it!


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