Thursday, October 07, 2010

hello artsy thursday

the kind of fall day that begs for mini pumpkin pies and plenty of coffee
and the kids collecting rock eggs in old egg cartons and painting them and a bit of my kitchen floor (i still haven't finished it myself so it's ok ;) and then picking up pretty bits of nature to display in my glassware to make up for it
the rock painting and mural creating bought me a bit of time to transform the kind of thing people throw away into something keepish (steps for the interested below)
and a bit more narrative on the short story du jour (today the main character went to work lunch and out for drinks after so he is probably short of money by now)

the steps to your own coffee house art:

1. pressed wood dated art is easy to cover with a coat of paint and already has hangers on the back if you don't feel like propping (if you use paint you have used all over your house like i did, it's an instant match with decor and faster than shopping and agonizing for a color direction)
2. google art images for one to copy. i started out trying for a starbucks mural look but it quickly diverged into something messier. you know your taste. layer til you find it. (if you are not a freehand art-er, cut out quotes in large black printed script and use wet paint surface to position and glue)
tip (blobbing paint and then sitting to dry flat for half the time and stand up for the other makes a last minute drippy effect)


  1. love love love LOVE the art!

  2. Okay, I'm impressed. You turned that old pic into something you can display!! :) Nice job Michelle!


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