Friday, October 01, 2010

cozy little lull in the weekend

it's not very Canadian housewife of me, but i am ridiculously inept at feigning interest in watching hockey. i did my best again (you're welcome, d) and wandered away to make notes and photograph things, careful not to capture the things i should be tidying, but it's officially the weekend and tidying does not feel very weekendish.

my fellow Canadian housewife Tara's (other side of the country though) blog cinnamon post charmed me again with her current thrifty finds and inspired me to post my own. (vintage singer sewing kit vellum bag, miniature sewing kit i framed, and a pretty valance for the kitchen (dead on the kitchen colors -- couldn't have custom ordered it better) & for less than a cup of Starbucks, it was the easiest kind of impulse purchase.

Speaking of Starbucks, i am hard at work at getting my own gold card (because i care about inconsequential things like pretty cards in my wallet ;) but the free drinks (3 in the last 2 weeks -- i have been hit hard by the survey fairy ;) keep getting in the way. (disclaimer: totally realize that by bragging about free deliciousness it will stop. one of my girlfriends had a long stretch of free a while ago and she said it stopped as quickly as it came. 3 feels like a good number to me.

think of me tommorow. i may attempt to golf in a tournament. d won't be there because he'll be working, which is a good thing, because the last time he saw me play he laughed for quite a bit longer than is polite. it should be good story fodder if nothing else.


  1. love it Michelle :) we def. need to get together for coffee again soon, and i'll be sure to get your $$ to you Sunday :) :)

  2. you sure have a cute house...i love these little glimpses. i'm laughing at your reference of me as a housewife and thanking you sweetly for mentioning me. unfortunately this housewife has no choice but to tidy on the weekend which is what i'll be doing this morning...with a smile on my face though thanks to you. enjoy your weekend...

  3. As for the golfing, it's so true that when things go well they never make for a good story!


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