Tuesday, October 12, 2010

broken hearts operate more effectively

in celebration of thanksgiving (and in lieu of actual work on the long weekend) i read this book. with the get your head out of your butt tagline "do something bigger than yourself" you know it's going to be good. (and a fast engaging read)

then i opened it and read this quote from bono in the introduction (click on the picture to enlarge)and had to scrapbook it onto something quick. mine now resides in my coffee station to start the morning with a living in a hurting world focus and the other two are in the homes of my softest heart girlfriends (cindy and stef if you must know ;)

after a long morning coffee with my mom (which i needed due to the getting up in the middle of the night to study solo and order pictures to scrapbook) i am getting the to do list tackled and think i might have opened up a new chunk of writing time with the crock pot implementation monica suggested. wish my characters well -- they're going to be busy.

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