Saturday, October 23, 2010

42cent delight

every girl needs a good wool A-line coat to rock winter with. and every year it's tempting to get the latest. this year it's all about the rosettes. and seeing as how i fall victim to them every time, you know i thought about it.
but i couldn't justify it.
so i added my own for less than a McD's junior chicken with tomato (my go to fast food fix)
steps for the interested:

1. pull out last year's coat. you can forgo drycleaning by dry brushing vinegar and letting to dry, but i didn't have any on hand and seeing as i am the type to risk all and throw everything labelled dry cleaning only through the washer/dryer wringer (M life stat: 98 3/4% wardrobe survival rate), i dry brushed with my new favorite cleaning product made from citrus and tea tree oils. it worked
2. find a close color match in dollar store felt sheets (3 for $1.25 at mine and i used one which made this project a 42 cent investment)
3. cut felt lengthwise into 1 inch strips.
4. experimentally fold and sew
5. lay rosettes in desired pattern
6.stitch on
7. be on the lookout for the perfect buttons to update completely

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