Tuesday, September 14, 2010

when your boy scout decides he might need to learn how to knit

you know i'm getting this kid a tool kit for his upcoming b-day

his right now impulsiveness both makes me laugh and scares me (mostly because it feels a little too familiar ;)

last night his auntie showed him how to knit (she is busy accessorizing her cute wardrobe with hats, and purses, and bags) and i promised him i would pick up some knitting needles today. i don't think he even has a purpose in mind for his knit itch -- more like have to acquire another skill.

i didn't give it another thought, or even blink when i saw the wood shavings everywhere when i came into his room to tuck him in. (remember this is that kid) he has tools and bits of tree stored everywhere. but i was surprised at what that wood carving project was

he had decided to take things into his own hands.

starting to think i should forget my etsy daydream and set him up with his own business ;)

how ingenius is this? love it. they're all so unique.

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how have your kids surprised you with their little whirring minds?

novel writing is getting pushed aside by sunny day and business paper-pushing, but it is right at the edge of my mind, just brewing...


  1. Anonymous2:23 PM

    haha that is awesome! My youngest one (12)did something today that made me laugh out loud. When asked to vacuum the kitchen/dining/laundry room for me, (a chore he hates) he decided to pretend he was sweeping for curling...we have a fairly straight stretch from the laundry room to the kitchen, there he was, sweeping with all his might across the tile floor, hose flying behind him. (we have a built in) love my kids, if it makes chores more entertaining, I'm all for it!! lol

    Cathy N

  2. this is absolutely GREAT! Yeah for THAT kid. He wins a few trophies in my book.

    Too little time to brainstorm one to share right now but by the looks of things the moments only get better with age :)

  3. love this.
    Charlotte has learned to knit thanks to her Nana and my little Court well he asked me to sew the other day and sew we did. sorry couldn't resist...
    Court sculpted a dinosaur out of my husbands ball of wax (therapy for the broken wrist)yesterday that blew our minds!


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