Wednesday, September 01, 2010

when boys craft

they are burning fast through the stash of iron beads. good thing auntie melissa stocked them up good a la IKEA.

it started with little c going over to his cousin's house and finding out about the craft of piecing small beads very quietly for hours until a useable craft (keychain, coaster, window decoration) results.

i wanted some of that quiet time action.

so i stocked up. and then my sister stocked them up. and then she did it again.

then the olders discovered that cool things (ie not rainbows and puppies) can be created. and went to work. (amazed by the middle boy who can eye logos up on google images and recreate them a room over without a pattern. and that he thinks anyone could do it so is unimpressed with himself ;)

my kitchen taken over by a trillion tiny beads and more on the floor. and little c getting bored with his efforts and instead commissioning things he wants made

it's not what i had pictured but i'll take it
we're heading to the PNE this weekend. feel free to send in your tips and tricks for the best day ever (or failing that one in which i don't lose my head)
i've been using up my early mornings on things that have to get done before the boys make them impossible so am looking forward to getting my writing back in. (now less than a week!) making lists of too many plot ideas in the meantime. (hopefully it works for the characters to run around from one place to the next ;)

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  1. love the bead creations; did not know that Ikea sold those.


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