Monday, September 06, 2010

thrifty chicks unite - a giveaway

i have long been a fan of gail on til debt do us part. she is brutal but funny and committed to getting families ahead.

and i love looking for ways to live like a cheap chick to up overall quality of living with funds to share with worthy causes besides.

in this vein, i am committed to 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. on FB (my near year old venture with this cute girl) -- helping families hit their budgets with the click of a mouse, and studying all the smart ideas shared every frugal friday on the shabby nest. (often repurposing items you already have to make something you would otherwise save up for or slap down on a card -- it's addictive)

i often check out threads on saving and am constantly delighted with the ideas being as varied as the people that give them (different sensibilities, life stages, and abilities) the idea is to expose yourself to as many as possible, use what works for you, and come out ahead.

chances are, you have some of your own that you would share if someone would just ask. i am prepared to bribe you to share them. ;)

comment with your top 1-5 ideas (on anything from birthday parties to dinnertime to date night to holidaying to wardrobe accruing) to be entered into the drawing for these adorable 2 thrifty chicks shopping co vintage goodies. winner will be selected randomly on friday morning the 10th and the winner can look forward to something besides bills in the mail. bonus entry for blogging or facebook status-ing about this giveaway. submit an extra comment to let me know you did :)
info gathered to be used for future info post (minus source identifiers).

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  1. I'm sticking with spray paint! It can transform the cheap and ugly to something amazing.


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