Tuesday, September 28, 2010

sometimes it comes together

what to do for the birthday of the kind of 10 year old kid who when he wants something, simply makes it instead of asking for it? (note this does not always mean he is low maintenance -- yesterday he casually mentioned that while his wall looks nice, it would need to be white for when he buys a movie projector -- on his paper route earnings i'm not too worried it's going to be tommorow so i nodded and kept painting it grey (yes, over the yellow i just did -- it was wrong, it happens) ha ha.

something scientific, something builderish and craftish.

national geographic toys is taking care of part of it, but then i got to work on his tool box -- altered a vintage green sewing box (tackle box would work as well, but does not have as much room on the bottom) and filled it with building loot.

steps for the interested:

1. scour your cupboards, garage, local stores (depending on your gotta do it right now o-meter)
2. funky distressed paint treatment however you see fit (i dry brushed split pea green (existing door paint) over the clear plastic)
3. attach boy bling
4. fill. (when you're shopping, keep in mind the dimensions so it closes ok) or cellophane it open with the loot spilling out (i still think a box that opens has more ta da factor which is why i worry about closing)

some ideas (pick the things that appeal to your child's interests)
his are: home depot wood and nails project, mini tool, what i made journal, candy (for building energy of course), material, tape measure, dangerous needle ;), (but only if the boy is a pocket knife/cadet type) mini scissors, different types of string, work belt with clips, and a crayola 3D chalk set

5. don't wrap til right before gifting because chances are, you're keep thinking of more things to include

i'm linking to the shabby nest to be fair because i steal their ideas all the time :)

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