Sunday, September 05, 2010

more of the same

if you were wondering if the time was right to have your third child, here is something to think about. (it made me laugh)

if you are really bored, you could draft a Christmas card at shutterfly (although who's going to admit to it? ;)

if you have a million random thoughts running around in your head, you could write a novel with a million different characters, some lucid some not, and call yourself sane.

if you are too lazy to do any of the above, read your stack of magazines and plan more nothing to do for the stat holiday. it will be relaxing, i promise.


  1. what it doesn't say is if I would have been better off stopping at three :) thanks for sharing, that was great.

  2. ha ha, leanne. present day hair pulling out has nothing on the day they will all come home for Christmas dinner with their families -- just u wait :)

  3. absolutely loved the article! And so true! So does that mean the 3rd is much more mellow? Cause that's what I'm hoping for!! :) Thanks for the great read Michelle!


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