Thursday, September 02, 2010

m as suzy homemaker

i'm blaming my domestic friend jen for the gardening and cooking frenzy that has been going on.
she dropped by yesterday to exchange dishes post weekend dinner party and made noise about going home to do something in her garden. i didn't catch the specifics, probably because it made me feel a guilty daydream about my little garden that's been just this side of neglected all summer.

so today was about fixing that and getting out all the remaining butter lettuce and partnered with 8am made irish soda bread that also went to work with d (who has long been victim of my bread making experiments) made a super delish lunch for all the child yard labourers who kept me company. (i may have said there wouldn't be enough room for a trampoline with the amount of weeds in the back as incentive)
then i went to open one of her fabulous home mags and what did i find but food52 which may be the inspirational source of a thousand dinner parties. love it!
i'm off to fold laundry and write some gardening stories. i may have to do it standing up because little c has a radar for when i am not giving him my full attention. ;)


  1. aww, Michelle, you might be all about getting those kiddos back to school but there's no doubt in my mind that you give them your all when they're home. (Or at least when you're not reading or writing :) )

    I wish I had your creative thought process when it comes to motivating the yard clean up. That's hilarious.

  2. actually, I wasn't too worried about you being offended. You just don't strike me as the type to read into things just so you can get in a dither. But, I did think there are a few people out there much less relaxed than you (or I) that might have had their tails twisted by how I wrote it :)

    I had too many pairs of shoes and enough buggy space to go buy another pair of shoes... but I did consider it.


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