Saturday, September 18, 2010

it does my heart good

it's the PM and i'm brainstorming ways to run the kids into bed as to get on with movie night with D. my pjs are a little less stylin because i had to throw my cute tee into the wash post hamburger grease dinner splatter, but D has no idea i coordinate loungewear so he won't notice. notebook is on the couch for mid-movie writing i hope he won't notice either ;)

today i spent a fantastic day scrapbooking with some great girls in a banquet room of a local hotel. there is nothing like cutting paper and glueing them in patterns around your favorite summer memories while drinking non-stop caffeine handily stocked up at a linen covered table nearby. lovely, lovely, lovely.

the scrapbooking. i hadn't realized how much i have missed for the last few months -- it's like visual affirmation of good-enough motherhood seeing how things have played out and the memories we have made and the everyday (some easier than others) coming together in a series of beautiful moments i feel lucky to have caught on film. because i am so visual, it's like a picture version of my much loved gratitude journal. remind me to fill up on it a little sooner next time.

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  1. what a beautiful way to think about scapbooking


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