Friday, September 24, 2010

i'd get more accomplished, but i value stopping and reading too much

i may or may not have launched myself headfirst into a new starbucks addiction -- the salted caramel hot chocolate, of course. i will spare you lavish description, but let's just say that if i look a little plumper next time you see me, you'll know why.

i'm not sure whether to be simply amused or just worried that my six year old informed me (mid the boys' paper route which on a sidenote i was certainly overdressed for today -- too bad photographers don't pop out of bushes to record when an outfit is actually a do to make up for the less fortunate ones) is certain that the definition of sibling is "the voice you hear in your head that tells you what to do". he was also sure the cat had one. ;) (yes, i know you are hearing the soundtrack to the sixth sense in your head now)

it's ok, because i also answered long lost friend corinne a little too honestly when she said "how are you doing?" on FB chat (in my defense, it was 9pm and i had not yet served dinner, i was hearing that 6 year old loose cannon fly around, and was getting sidetracked in my online store) so corinne, i am not really that crazy ;) she knows i am, but she's too far away to do a wine and chat right now so it will have to wait.

i am mid book stack, have my business papers organized, but my writing and editing ones not and am debating waking early (ok, i was already bossy and told myself i am ;) to get the latter aligned. it's my weekend and i can work (granted, i use that word loosely because it's not the grind kind) if i want to.

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  1. do not spend all day saturday inside! it's supposed to be gorgeous out tomorrow(today); who knows when we will have another day like this one


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