Monday, September 27, 2010

charming paper crafts

i don't believe in hiding from my kids my occasional weekend cigar, but for those of you who do, i think we can both agree that you will never look over at your littlest in church (where he was on top of his sitting still game) and find him drawing this sweet picture of you. ;)

speaking of charming paper crafts, i almost accidentally recycled this hand weapon the other day until i saw what it was. love the kind you know they can't whack their brother over the head with if things get heated.

finally have the edits into lorene's fabulous book project. summer put a damper on my productivity like nobody's business. fall is so much more accomodating. pjs, coffees, and more dark hours within to write. the short story collection is getting ahead of the increasingly complex novel so i'm guessing that will be released first. you know i'm going to turn the tables on lorene (don't worry, she told me i could) and ask for some editor eyes on it first.

that said, i am going to have a promotion for pre-buyers so make sure i have your name and contact info if you are interested in an upcoming copy.

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  1. Ha ha, just mentioned in email I was getting caught up on blogs (or trying to) and yours was on my list of absolutely-must-read today. Good thing I did! I would LOVE to read over your writing, catch the grammar so the stories can speak out for themselves, sans distractions.


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