Sunday, September 12, 2010

and he slept happily ever after

i love having can do (not to mention generous) sister in laws.

my especially tall one (think near 6 ft leggy blond to my 5'3 1/2 " brunetteness {the need to include the 1/2 inches is especially telling, but i notice it to be common among us} ;) called me up saturday morning to ask if i would wrestle bedframes and mattresses with her pre her new bed delivery. with our husbands at work and off wildebeast hunting respectively; we, armed with a lifted truck (did i mention i was vertically challenged?), yogawear, and 6 kids between us, moved the bed she gifted to my middle boy (the one lucky enough to have an accomodatingly sized bedroom) to our house.

we were struggling with set-up upon arrival and decided to leave it til after the typical weekend birthday party/errand run around. in the five minutes that it took to say thanks and see her to her truck, i came back inside to find that not yet ten year old middle boy with bed frame assembled solo. i wouldn't have believed it myself (maybe due to thinking i am somewhat handy and was ridiculously inept at the task) but she came back in to witness said child genius ;)

so he deserves every good sleep he has in his great big bed. adorable apple sheets were a gift pulled out of storage by his great-grandma, the retired teacher.

it's d's birthday and we are celebrating. but when we stop, i will be writing some stories on the varied uses of spinning class uniforms.


  1. way to go R! sweet dreams :)

  2. Awww, love the apple sheets!

  3. those are some cute sheets...
    catching up on your blog and can't believe I missed your did that HAPPPEN!!
    i have simply been way too busy.
    hopefully that will change soon;)


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