Saturday, August 21, 2010

we drove right through because d likes to look at points of interest while driving ;)

and we are home
from the land of swimwear as daily wardrobe and reading to the last page of a stack of books
i managed to take only a handful of pictures on my own camera
which tells you how lazy i really was

luckily the ones i got capture the car madness that necessitates going to one's cerebral happy place, and how an especially loved stuffy deserves to float and sun and be documented even at the expense of human members of the family

even more luckily, my sisters took copious amounts of photographs

ridiculously even luckier, one of those might have captured my family in one place sans head locks and grimaces which makes me 4 months ahead of schedule

which is a good thing because sitting too long in one place triggers a stack of to do lists i might never recover from. but it's not monday so i'm not unpacking them yet.

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  1. welcome home. "laziness" probably equals a whole lot of relaxation! so happy for you. :)
    now, hopefully monday isn't overwhelming.


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