Thursday, August 05, 2010

it all depends on what you call productive

the good thing about plugging along on something is that eventually it will line up more effortlessly than you had pictured. so it is with this project that finally has its dates line up for me.

summer (while the planner in me wanted to fill it up to the brim) is chugging along without my help. i'm barely fitting in the must-dos.

i have things to read and others to write and a garden to water and i think i promised d last night i'd finish painting his smoke room (think smoke filled library in cube form if the library consisted of newspapers and comics stacked on the floor) i didn't mean to add that to my list but that's the risk you run when you ♥ someone and they keep smiling at you.

it turns out that holidaying has a positive word production correlation so I am doing my best to get them down on the page and have high expectations for our upcoming annual family cabin holiday.

the boys are no less committed to filling the day. good thing i am not expecting them to complete two grades of curriculum this summer or the like because that would cut into their self-tattooing, wrestling, and reading time.

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