Sunday, August 15, 2010

summer continues to throw pleasant wrench into word output

i'm still attempting not to notice the unalignment of to-do and got-done. truth is, the summer is a complicated work-life balance beast.
and that's even before the kids enter the picture.
they have enough wrenches to derail a train.
even something as simple as a park picnic is complicated when you are 32 year old grandmother of an impish webkins monkey. little c insisted on taking him along via infant seat and banished his middle brother to the van's back row so he could sit next to his charge.
the neighbours heard how popular that was.
we stopped at the grocery store to top off the junk portion of lunch. i convinced little c that monkey could stay in the van in his car seat because he was napping anyways. (remind me to redo parenting advice in the coming years so he manages to maintain custody of his real brood)
once at the park, monkey wanted to be free of his seat so i couldn't resist capturing him in the wild.
we finished off our quiet weekend with a late night showing of the ghost writer (i watch behind pillows in any kind of suspense -- which potentially could make me embarrassing to take to the movies so we tend towards home viewing) thankfully, the 13 year old gave me a play by play of the happenings in dramatic detail (which i'm sure endeared us both to d) so i didn't miss a thing. scared the writer out of me in a way that i haven't worried about d's occupation since firewall. good thing we are not the high profile types. ;)

we are stockpiling books (i've already run through 3/4 of the stack i was just showing off the other day so magazines may have to take up the slack) and fishing gear to take to the cabin on the lake. the latter is most definitely not for me, altho i am an avid eater of said gilled beasts should the opportunity arrive. (thanks to my friend heidi's fisherman husband james who recently gave us some amazing fish for our freezer -- delicious accompaniment to chilliwack corn on the cob for dinner tonight)

having done my weekend cooking bit, i am looking forward to handing the culinary reins over to my mother for the next week. watch for me rolling back into a town near you soon.

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