Monday, August 30, 2010

he is who he is

forgive me the sap -- i've been with d near literal half of my life
the things that make you fall in love with a boy with a fast car and a love of buying the whole birthday list instead of one item at 17 are completely different from the ones that impress you 16 years later.

i didn't really realize it until my sister showed me this picture she took on the sly on our recent cabin holiday from the cabin next to ours. it was past when the sign said we were supposed to be having evening quiet time, but every night d entertained the boys who wouldn't sleep while i read (caught up on a year's worth of missing sleep). one night i woke up to them playing poker really loudly (but i'm sure the other nights were much more appropriate ;) if not quiet. i super ♥ this picture of d who the whole year through works ridiculous hours. (think family dinner pushed back until dessert doubles as bedtime snack) but on holidays, without warning, pulls out all the stops and makes it a present for every moment kind. s'mores on the porch barbeque during a campfire ban with your dad. that's going to stick.

(and it makes those kids' mom feel ridiculously blessed)
[sap end]
countdown to productive writing day aka back to school : 1 week


  1. Sharilyn9:05 PM

    awh........ :)

  2. love this:) be given reading time. sweet.

  3. aww, sap's good for a body once in a while.
    Sometimes it's a bit tough to remember those long hours are also for the benefit of those said kids. But moments like these are perspective boosters and oh so awesome.
    That's great, thanks for sharing.


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