Wednesday, August 04, 2010

do what we did, only smarter

it's over and it was nothing like i thought it would be. it was more {which for a writer equals more fodder so it's all good}
i was a little worried about the two sisters and three boys roadtrip approaching (evident by increased bear and tent and car nightmares) my sister, it turns out, had nightmares of me insisting on taking my beloved indoor cat to the land of wild animals which i apparently told her nonchalently and arrogantly "would be fine". ha ha

you might know this already, but it is not a good idea to let your local squeegee man double as your mechanic. i was buying some late night gas the night before take-off and he was on shift and noticed my driver's side windshield wiper was a little loose. very confidently and without consultation, he ripped it off and told me, "you will be better without it" to which i responded, "oh, good because i am driving out to alberta tommorow" to which he looked slightly less confident, but i didn't dwell on it.

well, it turned out our trip included some amazing road downpours and out of this world lightening (which i tried to demand my sister photograph to show d who is a big fan, but she was having none of it) we also took a wrong exit returning home and got back to the correct highway the high way via construction cone line (very carefully) later finding out that a huge fatal accident happened that exact way in that exact spot a day earlier (note to reader mom: but we are ok :) and pulled over on the way to edmonton for a bit to take a picture for the blog and while we were rest stopping, the few cars that came shortly after got in an accident. so yes, so thankful that God does not have to listen to prayers one at a time or i would have been hogging serious airtime. ;)
as for the shopping fluff (it is hard to pretend sageness when your vacation destination is a mall ;)

in the weeks leading up to our roadtrip to the biggest mall in canada, i was tucking spare dollars into critical envelopes labelled gas, camping, dinner as my little sister was planning her soon to be had new wardrobe. she kept asking me what my clothes shopping budget looked like and because i didn't want to scare her, i pretended not to have counted (in truth, that lone twenty in the envelope was pretty insta-count ;) it's not that i don't love pretty things. but i wanted to do the experience (getting there, camping, waterslides, amusement park, giving the kids the opportunity to blitz their birthday $/paper route earnings, keeping us all fed {notice i did not make a reference to actual nutrition -- pretty sure we might need fruit and vegetable juice via IV this week to catch up -- at least little c got his apples and carrots in to be able to sugar process the junk he also indulged in} ) before the loot.

and it worked. she bought her stack of newbies, logging a couple of shopping sessions while i pretended to be enthralled with the arcade (the boys really were enthralled and did not see the irony of spending many dollars to earn things they could have bought straight across at the dollar store [which is where i scored my new ear candy -- love them!] and we spent the rest of the time doing stuff (checking out the sea lion show and the lemur house, watersliding, catching a mid-day showing of ramona and beezus, riding rollercoasters (mini c) and fun house running (the other two) and eating enough McDs to purchase stock)

the only must shop stop i had on the list was anthropologie which all my american bloggy sisters kept raving about and wearing. the wem has the only one in canada although the shopgirl said one is expected in BC in the next couple of years (insert woo-hoo) love the vintage girlie girl asthetic -- so i am forever grateful to my little sister for holding the boys hostage outside of the store (mostly so i didn't have to purchase any broken $48 cups) so i could whirl around their salesroom and come out with a purse. (and i thought i was going to have to settle for a hand soap ;) she also sourced my new favorite ring at forever 21 which looks suspiciously like the betsy johnson one i was saving up for but at 10% of the price. (and which i am sure is going to help the writing process -- look how well it helps me click the mouse ;)

if 12 hour one way drives are your thing, and you have a grandma willing to do her grandsons' paper route and then are ok with returning to do the next issue's within the hour of returning home, i'd highly recommend it.

just don't go with my mechanic
thrifty chick shopping breakdown
purse, anthropologie, retail 39.99, on sale for 9.99
earrings, dollarama $2
ring, forever 21, $4.80


  1. sounds like a fantastically fun trip! and I must MUST get a ring like yours; love it!

  2. oh, that reads like SUCH fun! minus the mechanic :}

    Purse, earrings and ring all look excellent - sounds like you did the right thing going with a sister capable of holding hostages while you shop :)

    Sure glad you're safe. No coincedences, right?

  3. wooo hoooo!!! so much fun. love the ring.

  4. Oooh I can't WAIT to go to Anthropologie one day soon! And I LOVE Forever 21, cool ring!


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