Friday, August 06, 2010

be as nice to yourself as you are to others

remember when attempting dual handstands in the pool was the hardest part of summer? love the kids chill take on the season and it definitely rubs off on me.
started today with one of my favorite motivators -- an accomplished this list (the opposite of to-do -- simply list the things you have accomplished as you do them, noting them in past tense -- then when you are floundering and beating yourself up for getting less than everything done later, you can chill with your list and short circuit the flagellation)
i am a sucker for words of affirmation so it's basically like patting myself on the back all day long. (hey, my cat isn't the only emotionally needy one ;)

little c gave me some writing time (both scene scribing and outline fleshing) while he was recreating club penguin's pizzatron 3000 in our kitchen. i'm officially on fire.

so i'm ok with taking a break to enter the etsy shopgirl okiobdesigns giveaway. lots of shabby chic goodness. you can too. find it here.
ok and then after i was browsing food sites and came across this that i now want really badly! it might have to be single portion b/c i don't think i'll be able to sell it to the family

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