Friday, July 23, 2010

what happy people know

i am the sort of person who will buy (or at least read in the checkout line) magazines with tags on the cover on the secrets of happy people. it's like articles on saving money. you probably know 9 of the 10 tips, but there might be 1 new one that really makes your cup flow over.
in case you love those lists too, see if there's any new ones for you here.

1. live in the big picture (life here, and afterlife after), life is a series of stages and it doesn't last forever. live in grace for yourself and others. you won't regret it.

2. learn from your mistakes and embarrassments, don't live paralyzed by them. we all have back stories, some more colorful than others. they make us who we are and if we own them are tales of redemption and growth. if we don't, they are skeletons waiting to fall out of the closet.

3. practice concious gratitude (i geekly keep a gratitude journal which i love looking back at, i date my entries and write more whenever i come across it or need to write in it because i am losing sight of my blessings. i make myself write a page full and i love looking back at hard days because they had blessings to list too and i know if there are similarly difficult days ahead, they will have their own blessings.)

4. don't expect blissful joy everyday. sometimes happiness means celebrating someone else's blessings or seeing life as uncomplicated as children do and knowing that your moment of bliss is just around the corner.

5. nurture relationships. making time for others, sharing friendship, encouragement, i've been there, sharing with others and letting them share with you. its the stuff that will take you through the rest of the stuff.

6. leave high school behind. i've seen plenty of people who would consider themselves grown-ups try and try to be friends with the "it crowd", strive socially with blatant lines drawn as to where they see people being on the ladder. it's unattractive and doomed for making yourself miserable and slighting others who you perceive as not worth your time. real friendships are worth more. (and you're nicer than that, right?)

7. kick bitterness to the curb. hard stuff may have been doled out to you, but you can have a good life in spite of it. there are things unique to your life that you can celebrate. if someone has wronged you, face it, deal with it and move on. even the biggest affront does not merit you holding your good life hostage to it.

8. live independant of your circumstances. that way, when they flux (as they likely will on this path called life) you will be rocking life regardless of its current content.

9. live with a clean conscience. if you have to worry about what you said about someone else behind their back coming back, or that sneaky move you made being exposed, you will not be living free and clear.

10. don't let others define the good life for you. they are doing their own cool things and what they have or do or get awarded has no bearing on what you do or have or accomplish.

11. stop trying to fix people. accepting people for who they are means loving them where they are. it doesn't mean you can't set boundaries against unhealthy behavior, but don't use up your time on this earth manipulating and nagging. you're worth more than that.

share the wealth. comment to add your happiness adages. :)

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  1. 10. don't let others define the good life for you. they are doing their own cool things and what they have or do or get awarded has no bearing on what you do or have or accomplish.

    That is such a true statement.. in everything be content!!! and enjoy your own life in the moment!!


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