Monday, July 05, 2010

up next

word counting, chapter summarizing, plot plotting.

my to do list started early this morning so there's a good chance night (or a nap, but that seems unlikely) will come early.

yesterday i coffeed post afternoon service with my friend ett (the kind of girl who always leaves me more balanced than she found me, inspiring on all in the important fronts {faith, family, friendship, purpose} and the fluffy ones too {home bedecking, fashion overhauling, entertaining} ) love how we can just be with each other and let the time bring what it may. it doesn't hurt that our houses are prey to similar kid creations and we are building up our backyards with container gardens around our patio sets, and we both have aversions to those kind of friendships where people panic and think you are mad at them if life gets in the way of meeting up for a while.

that said, we are different too. i clutter every surface in the name of shabby chic while she pares down in the name of minimalism, i work from home in casual layers while hers are sleek and office ready, i brew pots of dark roast and she makes lattes one at a time all european on stovetop and most importantly, i write the stories and she reads them. and because we are busy grown-ups it might be a week or two til we get together again.

in the meantime, i'll write something for her to read and think of something delicious to make

today is a notepad on the sly kind of day. am planning to face the chapter size and see how far i am from novel completion. that second pot of coffee might be needed.
caught a shot of little c all over the fridge pre farmer's market on saturday (i love a clean fridge {especially if it includes using watkins lemon cleaner} to fill with new produce --his wife can thank me some day ;)

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