Wednesday, July 28, 2010

tuesday pm

i've been slapping spinach leaves on everything (wilting them on rising crust provolone hawaiian pizza might have been the best brain burst to date) they're still the ones out of a fresh express bag (though my garden has been doing its best to grow little baby leaves i will be munching as soon as the bag has been burned through)
stumbled across the best summer day end -- cool bubblebath (the opposite delicious of a hot bath with hot cocoa or red wine in the winter) recklessly used up the last of my raspberry ripple and read the first bit of my newly purchased read (and then switched to another an hour later because my life is not complete if i am not juggling reads)

i was sitting cool and comfortable in silence and then wham. turns out d was relaxing via blared 80s music videos like this one. that made me laugh (and was tres convienient because i couldn't hear a thing over them so it was super easy to pretend the kids were already sleeping in bed)

while middle boy accumulated more project mess in his room (of which i seem incapable of disciplining due to my creativity = good philosophy ;) little c, almost exhausted from previous paper route duties (where he walks along the route, sitting down on the sidewalk to play with ants and leaves and averages 2-4 papers for every 144 delivered) discovered that in his oldest brother's sleepover at a friend's absence there is an airconditioned room with queen size bed available and promptly checked himself in. he told me when i came to check in on him, that he was planning to clean the room in exchange. i noticed two carefully stacked piles of cards this morning amid all the usual disarray.

i don't know what it is about summer, but the notebook is still the best place for my writing.


  1. ahhh...the cool bath...Kevin and I had one last week. It was a little cramped but did the trick.
    My mother always has at least three books on the go - a morning read, an afternoon read, and a night one.
    The night one is usually not The Kite Runner. Light reads make for good dreams.
    I agree with your messy philosophy! Sweet boy that little c...
    oh...I work in Finance...ugghhh...I'm an "Associate Advisor" at a BIG Investment Firm...please tell me its not what you thought I did!!!!

  2. oh yum that pizza looks good!


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