Monday, July 19, 2010

shiny Appliance to nice quiet gaZabo

the stove that was destroyed in a freak accident (by which i mean unforeseen incident that involved the three boys and a chunk of 2x4 -- apparently glass cooktops aren't meant to withstand flying debris of that sort) was replaced today.

the old one was supposed to be hauled away at the same time, but instead the drivers' parked it in my backyard all classy like and promised to come back tommorow to get it. and i don't want to be threatening, but they better!

it's been a thrifty chicks stock sorting morning with breaks to read the hardcover complete tales of winnie the pooh to little c (which did not make him sleepy enough to take a nap, but did me in -- i might need to up the p90x training if the heavy book and a warm blanket is enough to tucker me out ;)

the oldest and youngest's b-days are being celebrated tonight -- my little sister is doing her first wedding cake for her cupcake business so we are getting some of the trial run (and my mouth is watering already -- tried some already at my mom's for sunday coffee -- felt better that my lithe blond cousin also couldn't stop at one piece ;)

sneaking out to the gazebo to fill a notebook page of the new novel vision. i've already run through one coffee pot so let's hope the 11 minute nap is enough fuel to run on

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