Friday, July 09, 2010

long delicious summer days

it's gearing up to be another hot day. i'm enjoying them. (not getting much done, but enjoying them. i could try and blame the slow slow stories on the boys on holidays, but it's the summer reading, water play, hanging out with friends that is truly cutting in) i am thinking of reserving the keyboard for the blogs and just notebook scribing from park to tent to cabin. i think it'll contribute to my "sticktoitivness" to quote Gwyneth

the house is shaded by big trees making running a little air conditioner only necessary upstairs (stacked 70 year old house steep long stairs to the upstairs phenom) of the upstairs sleepers, the almost 6 year old has completely abandoned his room (hey, this might be a good time to redecorate and bring his toys downstairs because he won't touch it until September ;) and is camping out on whatever downstairs floor he can find.

also tossing and turning is the fluffy cat who walks around doing a little soft baby cry that makes me check his water bowl a thousand times a night, but i think he's just hot. when he finally laid down (also camping out on the master bedroom's wood floor) he shut up.

d left for work with instructions on air conditioner and door and window positioning, which made me laugh. why during the winter, is it ok to turn the thermostat past 20, but in the summer, indoor air temps need to be under 20? makes no sense to me. a bit akin, i think, to eating watermelon in the dead of winter -- robs the enjoying of the season a bit.

today will be not unlike the ones before it -- orange pop in crystal, balloon animals in front of the bookstore, bathing suit wardrobe, and noshing on fruit and non-cook goodies. i think i'm going to like it.

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