Friday, July 02, 2010

the kind of day you forget which one it is

pulling together my novel notes between kid wrangling and stove purchase research (current glass top met its three boys + flying debris demise 30 minutes into my and d's Canada Day date. did not repeat that story loudly to d's childless work crowd at the company function. ;) (might have put a few people off childbearing)
today is displaying the kind of sun i was craving yesterday as my little sister and i were sitting on the beach. we lasted through the intermittant rain speckling until our magazines were read and the kids had built at least one impressive sandcastle.

i was about to type "july is speeding past" but given that it's only the 2nd, that might not seem accurate. but i was just looking at my trusty filling up fast mom calendar and there is a flurry of activity that takes us clear through. it looks like a lot now, but it's either that or i do the kinds of things i am doing right now to keep the troops busy (5 year old + stamps and archival ink {the only one i have out currently} i know, in my quest for occupation, i am asking for self tattooing. good thing it's not a school picture time of year.

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