Monday, July 12, 2010

i am looking forward to some quiet time

i think the cat is too
look how still he will lay to ensure little c does not wake up once he's out
i am similarly careful
as are r,c, and d

in the before bedtime meantime i am assembling loot bags with the excited birthday-boy-to-be
and have talked him into cleaning his room
what, do you think, are the chances of him getting distracted in the task enough that i can sit in the corner and write?
well, there. you're more optimistic than i. ;)

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  1. ahhhh...some quite time. it is precious.
    btw...I got the clothesline at Canadian Tire but since I have now seen them many places. I can't believe how happy it makes me!
    i hope you found some time to write...


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