Saturday, July 10, 2010

friday slides into saturday all relaxed like

6:20 pm. grocery shopping with the youngest. heavy on the grab and eat fruits and cold drinks and suspiciously short of make the house hot food. (there is a delicious roast sitting in the freezer that i cannot picture cooking until Christmas if this amazing hot weather keeps up) all i want to make is more of what was for dinner (the whole chicken the store cooks for you, ripped into pieces and wrapped in tortilla, diced tomato, sliced red leaf lettuce, ripped cilantro, and a smear of salsa ranch dressing)

8:30 pm. speeding away for an ice cream date on the sly. apparently even when you're already in your lay around the house clothes, the promise of kid free talk and blizzards, will make you run out of the house with your wife mumbling something about going out for coffee to the kids as to avoid the i want to come too syndrome.

10:00 pm. watching a western - the at home version of going to the movies but without having to be presentable -- a great idea when you're full of aforementioned icecream) even tho they are always D's idea, there is something about westerns that never fails to compell (ok, when you've watched the same draw and shoot scene a thousand times there is good reason to have a stack of magazines there) but they have a sweet romantic line and a hearth and home sentiment behind the shooting every man who doesn't agree with you logic ;)

8:00 am. my sleeping in. (i confess, i woke up before this but was laying in bed reading, dozing on and off) got up to make d coffee before his work, calling my sisters and mom to arrange for coffee and beach plans later today. i spent a moment on the phone with one of my girlfriends this morning who confessed she and her husband hit their pool this morning before the kids got up. ♥ that kind of stolen dating moment (and if there was an arguement for having one's own pool, that might be it ;)
9:56 am. packing the beach bag, took a quick shot of the boys lined up for their toaster waffles -- the three assorted plaid shorts were too cute to pass up

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