Monday, July 26, 2010

closet AARPer runs fast through her summer

I have to stop watching those reality health shows where women get pregnant after long infertility or in spite of tubals and go on to have an undetected pregnancy that ends well. over the last few weeks, each boy has said something to the effect of "wouldn't it be cool if you got pregnant?"
which is weird because under our inappropriate humor filled house, late nights out dancing up a storm, my fondness for adorable summer miniskirts, and our mutual love for junk food -- d and i are just a couple of wannabe senior citizens. i know i weirded out my friend cindy w when i told her i no longer think about having more of my own babies and now picture the day i have grandbabies, my girlfriends laughed when i said i had the hairdo for my 70s all picked out -- this one (but with my dark hair under and the white i am sure to have accumulated on top) and we keep to ourselves our fantasies about retirement living (a rancher or lake house with timber frame details and a huge library with rolling library ladders perhaps blended into a master suite where we can lay around reading book after book)
little c has been reading for a while now -- the simple large print type, but lately he is picking up chapter books at home and assigning them out of the library and then laying around reading them. (comprehension is debatable, but he is sticking to his story that he can with admirable skill -- holding the pages free of pictures for lengthy periods of time -- maybe he is picking out all the ands and trees and thes he knows? ;)
i've been letting summer fly by and taking less pictures than truly document all the goings on. i better either live less in the moment and more behind the lens or super power up my visual memory.
after the boys' combined b-day whirlwind (six year old park party followed up two days later by a barbeque at my parents' for both, and then 4 days later a 13 year old overnighter {which due to its all-nighterness caused him to sleep 18 hours in a row the day after & his friend to fall asleep on the toilet when back home at his house}, and then 1 day after that a pool party at d's fabulously accomodating pool owning aunt for both boys again -- i am feeling less whirlish and am now looking forward to more house-fixing up and then because we are crazy, packing the kids and my sister and i into the mini mini van for a 12 hour roadtrip, three days at this whirlwind of a different kind, and then the 12 hours back. wish us luck. roadtrip survival tips (not including the in car dvd player which goes against my sensibilities) welcome :)
maybe i can write a few words on my sister's driving shifts?


  1. I am liking the do for when you are 70

  2. love the heart in your first picture.

    have a blast at wem; haven't taken our kids there in years!


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