Thursday, July 22, 2010

can it be called chaos if it's slowpaced?

yesterday i caught the youngest two reading in the same room at the same time, both in their own little worlds and got all stealthy trying to take a picture to document the heart swelling that was going on.

i don't what it is with me, but i fall in love best with readers. d and i can lay for hours, just reading and being and the boys, though their stints are definitely shorter amid all the shrieking and clashing of sticks, do too. (unfortunately, i usually waste the would-be relaxing moment by going in search of the reason for quiet) this time though, i was lucky and remained undetected (thank you, zoom feature)

nothing says summer like cut grass and fruit fusion water and if you were here yesterday, homemade donuts. (they, in their sneaky semi-nutrition successfully solved the donut craving for the sugar-free 6 year old)

pledging to scribble down a few more words today amid the usual. i'll let you know what that lands up consisting of. the oldest is thirteen today, but he's still sleeping. i'm going to encourage that for hours yet because i suspect he has big celebratory breakfast expectations. (mostly because he kept talking about that last night) for the last couple of days, i've been asking him if he feels different and he reminds me "you asked me that already and i said no". probably as irritating as turning 30 ;) (the part where everyone asks you if you feel different and you really don't. you think i'd learn)

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  1. After seeing those pics, I am now craving fruit fusion water and homemade donuts ;) Any chance you wanna invite me over next time you make them??? :)


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