Wednesday, June 02, 2010

year end wrap up is messy

my calendar knows it's june. every mother i know is noting it, but that's because the phenomenon is true. last month to fit in all the school stuff, find lost notices and library books, work the work around the fieldtrips, and keep packaging things in gladware (or look for gladware so u don't have to be uncessarily creative in the wrapping -- like brown paper bags within the actual lunchbox to hold things ;) so you know i should be organizing my "tupperware" cupboard and getting my writing done and a bit more laundry wouldn't hurt either, but d is on the cusp of this fishing trip and i prematurely started some more renovating that i'm planning for his absence (redoing the counters in the kitchen) i already warned him the kids and i will likely be eating apples and chips for dinner in the meantime. tell my mom so she'll invite us for dinner in horror ;)

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  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I won't invite you for dinner since I would need food in the house to do that, but you can come for coffee to escape the insanity of your project whenever you like. I understand the June craziness, I alternate between yipee, 3 and a bit weeks left and yikes how are we going to get everything packed into those last 17 days, but my yipees and yikes might be opposite of yours. ;)


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