Saturday, June 26, 2010

where the green grass grows

the littlest and i have been mucking about in the garden.
the oldest is heading back from youth camp in whistler
the middlest is off to a movie with a friend
and that leaves the littlest to hang out with me

when d called from work to see what i was up to (catching some fluff tv, finding something to wear to socialize in tonight, and getting ready to dye my hair and read a stack of magazines) i felt a bit guilty so also added mowed lawn, fought crowds at the local greenhouses. (he laughed -- i think at my thinking i have to qualify my day tho it could have been the postage size mowing task ;) i housed my impatients in newly sourced houses and cleared what seemed like a thousand sticks off the lawn (saw great twig structures at the greenhouses i'm going to attempt to recreate with them) i'm excited at the growing the tres petit jardin is doing. (my lettuce rows are heroically gaining on the weeds every day) come over and talk to them if you have time. they could use the help
fiction scribing resumes early monday morning

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  1. love the birdhouse thingies. today was a perfect day for puttering in the garden.

    saw your middle one at the theater


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