Sunday, June 20, 2010

what do you call a slow whirlwind?

mmm. weekends. it was such a chill one that my body kept threatening to try and catch up on sleep missed in weekends passed. 2 family movie nights, coffee with my mom, and a walk at the blue heron reserve.

in the middle, the calendar aligned to give me little c occupied by a bouncy castle b-day party, middle guy off to an obstacle course 10 year old mayhem one, and the middleschooler off with his grandpa to play mini golf and then check out shops in Fort Langley.

my fab sisters coordinated the 2.5 hour window to a T. I was handed an iced Starbucks coffee for the road and off we went to blitz at our fave combined place (Chapters in Langley) {usually, because i am tres geeky, I will punch in my own name into their computer system just to see Mother Mexico pop up. I don't know how, but i restrained yesterday} then grabbed a quick lunch and get back in time for the kids and the walk.

middle boy, for the party above, was up until midnight the night before making his friend the puffle he had in mind. [his sleep needs might take after mine somewhat ;] i love his creative confidence. i was blown away by his detail and constructive powers. seriously. so cute. it's exactly why when he lays a T shirt over a perfectly good fitted sheet and cuts out a pattern that is never actually made or like he did immediately following his arrival home -- started a WWE ring construction zone on his bed (yarn ropes, metal posts on the corner, with everyone's pillows tied to them) i don't get bent out of shape.

my neck this morning (minus required pillow pile -- i usually sleep like the princess and the pea) is another story. ;)
back to the keyboard monday. you know i take the weekends off ;)

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