Friday, June 04, 2010

those little things really do add up to something fabulous

think about it, the more individual great bits your day is filled with, the more likely you can outnumber and overpower the less than stellar ones :)
that said, if only all of life were as easy to organize as the utensil drawer. my usual thrown together drawer -- order schmorder -- was coralled into place by this fab thrifty chicks sourced drawer liner this last week. i think it's been subconciously on my mind after this girl's post on everyday sorting.

even though today is a rainy mess, i've been stocking up on sun and corn on the cob and things summer when they present themselves and know it's going to be another good one.

as for that mess of life, we're all in it together. when you're fitting in supportive friends and everyday celebrations you know life will come out well even if it's not always orderly.

(letting go is an essential part of mine -- as anne can atest from the sideline pummeling my boys were engaged in last night at my soccer game. there was a time that would have made me blush, but it's a long time gone ;)

suzy Q homemaking, renovating, and writing on the days' horizon. little c is hosting playdate today (which sounds nice of me but is really a gift to myself with all the 5 year old occupation {ergo actual accomplishment opportunity} it will provide ;)

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