Wednesday, June 09, 2010

stories growing

it's the sort of rainy day that will drag those two in progress stories out and off to their submission destinations.
the garden, which i am increasingly addicted to working in, (not because i'm a huge fan of dirt under the nails, but because having a taste of lounging and chatting with jen in the space in transition the other day, i am picturing fab summer dinners with friends and can't wait to get started.) the gazebo (thankyou, thankyou, lori and eric!) has moved in and the garden greens should be coming up soon (the countdown is on to more creating of that fresh moxie steak salad)
the rain means the garden won't be distracting me, so the only stand in the way of those stories is the tempting book gift certificate anne gifted me with last night at soccer. you know i am off to spend it. and will attempt to be disciplined and get my own words onto the page before i dig into someone else's.

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