Tuesday, June 15, 2010

so this is tuesday

i love this homemade bread recipe my mom made my childhood yummy with. it's pre-bread machine bowl and wooden spoon goodness. and like the smell of barkmulch (she had much tidier flower beds than i do ;) takes me right back to littleness.

so i've stocked up on yeast and a 20 kg bag of flour so i can indulge in homemade bread and pizza dough whenever the mood hits (or i realize i'm out of lunch making supplies in which case i just fake that mood)

i'm post soccer and a quick run to an empty grocery store in my bright blue gear. love the chicks i play twice a week with -- they're so generous in spirit (which translates to encouragement screamed from the sidelines) and all around fun.we are officially in the season's playoffs and won our game tonight with a header into the net by our fancy scorer meco, all world cup like.

if today was a collection of ideas day, tommorow has a big stretch of day reserved for the scribing of them. can't wait :)

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  1. yum...
    i'm going to try and do this more too!


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