Sunday, June 13, 2010

roast chicken and incomplete countertops

it's a lazy sunday... the going for a walk in the sun and reading more than 1 book kind. teeny bit jealous of my middleschooler who came home today from spending the weekend on his friend's family's boat. sounds relaxing, doesn't it? -- my own version of relaxing weekend included an afternoon of painting at a friend's [pink little girl room project] & more of my own painted countertop (bribed my little sister with wine spritzers to come over and help me add painted layers -- she turned out to be oh so talented and cheerful about the whole thing ;)

then, just as i felt asleep in front of my and d's movie last night (such a thrilling wife i am, i tell u ;) -- it was actually a fairly decent movie too -- something war-rish and suspenseful. (d and my movie tastes often diverge like our book tastes do and usually only meet over something involving espionage and the american government (mostly because there are none done about the canadian government) -- the doorbell rang {post 10 pm -- i was wondering...} fabulously it was my friend ruth here from halifax and only in town for a night so we hung out for a bit and got all excited about the possibility of girl trips to see her in the future -- want to keep track of flight deals with me and come with?

as i type, d is dealing with little c and spilled peppercorns -- i've stayed out of the kitchen until all was cleaned up and the roast chicken was served {love his inability to stay out of the kitchen on sundays even if he does wander around it growling and resembling tin tin post reading in bed}

it's my life and i'm all over it. writing to come tommorow AM. i'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. I am definiantly liking the counter top look.. what is the surface that you are actually painting??


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