Friday, June 11, 2010

pretty things

i am trying to motivate myself to do a bit more on the kitchen counter project that started with a little inspirational formica sample chip. i know, what was i thinking? ;) that's a lot of handpainted speckles. but it's looking good and is now about a third of the way completed (before glazing process)
on the writing front, i am also pecking at the keyboard

besides the old school bowl and spoon bread making and playdoh creating i've been doing the last couple of days, a bit of the to do list energy has been channeled into my thrifty chicks sourcing -- my wardrobe is starting to feel very summerish (for an examples of a recent score -- the other day i called to tell my sister i have the matching white version of the band jacket she bought at Victoria's Secret in black -- only i bought the $3 version) and there are plenty of shopper's selections for everyone else up on FB group page.

so even though, accessorizing said clothing and planning dinner parties to wear them at seems pressing, i best get back to the keyboard (or at least countertop) ;)

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  1. Cool countertop idea! I used a speckled spray paint for one once. Hey to see where you get the button, will blog for comments, simply click on it! And the song is Matt Maher! Thanks.


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