Wednesday, June 16, 2010

move along, there's nothing to look at

writing is not speeding along today. i'm blaming my sore right index finger. (it might even be my dominate typing hand if there is such a thing) remember when i was giggling at my adorable cousin for getting injured during step aerobics? well, i just got mine.

my finger was nearly sliced in half through the nail down horizontally while i was making my bed. (right before bed because it does not make sense to me to make it after you get out of it -- who's going to enjoy that? ;)
not even kidding. (even sadder was that it was so bad it actually required pain meds) my finger got stuck in a small loose thread in the middle of the quilt and i only felt a small pull & without looking pulled it loose so fast that the string cut down through the nail into the finger. nope, i'm not including a pic of that (besides the fact that i'm only a fan of pretty pics, i don't have the stomach for checking it out myself) d looked at it last night as he was wrapping it up and when i asked him to look at it this morning, he said he couldn't ;) it grossed him out enough yesterday.

anyone ever have a similar injury? i contemplated going to the doctor's, but can't imagine what treatment would be -- it's not like you can stitch through nail bed.

to distract myself, i'm reading and indulged in mid-day chinese takeout with my mom (who better to make one feel better?)

once i get my fictional couple out of therapy, i'm sure the next one will have an industrial accident. because i'm cheery like that.


  1. Ouch! That sounds super painful, I recommend for treatment some Starbucks delights topped in frosting. I'm sure that's a doctor's order type of remedy : )

  2. oh no! that sounds hugely ouch. never know how much we use those fingers until we're not using them. Hope it heals up quick.

  3. ouch Michele! that sounds horrible

  4. double ouch!! hope it heals quickly!

  5. Melissa10:41 AM

    come to my house and I will rebandage it and provide ice coffees :) Fingers always seem to hurt the most.


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