Monday, June 21, 2010

monday night aha moment

love coarse sea salt. it makes me feel like i'm cooking even if it's scrambled eggs and bacon in the microwave ;) {which was exactly what dinner was since d wasn't home for it ;) poor kids -- they are way too compliant ;) }

so i told u a while ago that i was having a mid year angst rethink about the direction my 2010 fiction was taking.

here's the story.

i've been working on a novel that weaves together multiple lives (you know the kind where chapters are about one person, and then the next one is about the one who lives next door...etc) it was going well.

and then i got the big idea to submit individual pieces of the chapters to lit journals and meandered into a whole lot of characters who don't have a thing to do with the book so wrote those to stand alone. and then starting creating art to accompany those stories. so now i'm half way through a year of that and realizing the lit journals (most of them attached to universities or employing slave labour reading interns or the like) will not be reading submissions over the summer.

suddenly it seems like a good time to go back to the real work of the book's characters.

so i now have 3 projects on the go and am utilizing the bulk of my brainspace in how to sort them out around the paying work.

and then i realized.

why do i apply the must get entire vision done during the calendar year to myself?
i have work i like, time to write, house i love to putter in.
i like my life as is.
meandering directions and all.

so if i could get off my own back about it,

maybe i could pen a little on the beach and have something to show you later on this year.

no pressure at all ;)

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  1. Meandering is good. Sounds like you are meandering your way full circle.

    It's all in the process. I like it that you are a writer. I always wanted to be. Maybe someday!


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