Thursday, June 24, 2010

just this

just finished one of those books you wish would never end. (the fabulous stylings of monica ali in brick lane.) also, love coming across incidental information in fiction. won't look at the 23rd psalm or the harvesting of jute the same again.

just opened the best sample package ever (♥ to heidi for all the best info) (why can't all mail days be like this?) can't wait to break into the loot.

just played my soccer team's final game this year (lost by 1 in the shootout, following the 2 - 2 tie) fab close game with the promise of season's end celebrating this weekend. our family is officially decompressed as far as weekly scheduling goes. and the summerish weather is definitely cooperating with my beaching the summer away plan.

just downing a med coffee (♥ to ett for the gift card) so i am able to do some serious scribing post 13 hour workday. who knows what sleep-short hallucogenic prose will result. if it gets dire, i'll simply turn them into dream sequences for the characters in question tommorow and then they won't have to make sense ;)
ps. if you've read mother mexico, be one of the first to write a review of it for google books here


  1. so sorry your soccer season is over; you had a good run!

    that is a fabulous sample package!

    kick back and relax this weekend!!

  2. haha My kitchen table looked exactly like your pic! I think we must have ordered the exact same sample package :) Gotta love free stuff!


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