Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it's like that

if the few days of summer that have passed are any indication, it's going to be about food and sun and fun and family (and plenty of reading and a lot of notebook scribbling) so excuse all the pics of food. i'm loving the long days that afford chances to try new things that take a bit of time that is harder to grab the rest of the scheduled year (warm breakfast to go with apple slices and our own homemade crazy bread to go with chili and corn on the cob for dinner)

today was a tree farming in the morning with the cousins (love how they are all so sweet and great friends like d and i were (and are) with our cousins growing up) and a paper route at noon followed up by an afternoon at the local waterpark. i cannot say enough about chatting with the oldest in the sunny breeze while watching the littlers run with such unreserved glee.

little c has already phoned d at work twice to check on his ETA for dinner. the rest of us would like to but it would impact our cool factor ;)


  1. that picture of Carson is priceless, Michelle! Good capture.
    I'm thinking I would like to eat at your house sometimes. :) Looks like you eat some yummy stuff.

  2. sounds like a lot of fun..great pictures.
    i'm getting hungry...


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