Thursday, June 10, 2010

it's all small potatoes, really

ok, i was right -- those new books got the better of me. but i did send off a story to a magazine that had previous rejected a different one and invited me to submit again. so we'll see...

dinner was inspired by the woodside kitchen's potato wedges (around them we built teriyaki beef and broccoli, garden greens, cream corn {which had a hint of i burned the pan around it trying to multitask}, and french cut green beans)

it was rainy, but the taking a while to make dinner together was all summer. (the combination of it and the fab produce available makes it unbeatable)

today i am getting off that other story in progress this AM and then meeting up with my favorite supporting reader, ett. as i told her this morning via email, her reading notes on my latest work make me feel less loserish when the rejection letters roll in ;)
look behind the prep bowls for a sneak peek at the as yet unfinished kitchen counter project.
PS on the books -- sometimes i pick books like i do bottles of wine -- a bit too quickly and based on their cute pictures. but still 3 out of 4 isn't bad. (note to self : just because you enjoy reading james frey doesn't mean you will love reading what he loves reading ;)

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