Monday, June 28, 2010

green beauties

dreaming about this little cabin {and love the story that goes with it} (how cute would this be? tucked in behind our house? but i've already hogged most of the room with my gazebo and have promised the kids a trampoline to fill the remaining space) so might have to settle for a small playhouse tucked in another corner at another time.
even more immediate, between words and kid occupation, i have raided my mom's lush garden for plants to populate mine with. this rainy weather is the perfect time to put them all in. (and plant those basil seeds my sister gifted me with -- proof that you can "garden" anywhere -- i love her galvinized metal indoor "greenhouses" in her loft-esque apartment in the middle of the country.)
i'm still in disbelief that it's summer. enjoying the lack of brown bag lunch making and the ability to sleep in if my writing brain allows. the calendar is forecasting tons of fun and that's even before i know how many sunny days will allow for beaching.

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